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Webdesign / Websites Makeovers

We create sites that are elegant, engaging and easy to use.
We have Big Agency skills but small agency flexibility and you’ll be able to remember all our names. We can work with you.

We take a user-centered design approach, which means you’ll make more money from your website than if you go to an agency that adopts a more traditional approach. Here’s why:

We make more than “just a pretty site”.
We put your customers first.
We’ll test your site with them to make sure it’s a pleasure for them to use, so they’ll
    keep coming back.
We’ll observe what they need to do on your site so that it meets their needs, rather than what you perceive to be
    their needs.

Who we aredesignweb4you.com tvorba www stránek, internetové stránky, vývoj řešení na míru

We are a team of nine specialists: designers, developers, authors, thinkers and web afficionados. Designweb4you.com formed in 2001, bringing together few fine gentlemen with a reputation for user-centred design, accessibility and web standards.

We’ve grown since those early days, but we’re still entirely comprised of seriously experienced people who absolutely love what they do. We’ve all been around the block a few times, and between us we’ve worked with governments, branding agencies, in-house development teams, e-commerce giants, big businesses, small boutiques and dot com start-ups.

What we do

User Experience Design

We design user-centred websites which give organisations a serious competitive edge. By understanding your business and listening to your customers, we create beautiful interactive experiences that deliver. User experience design means…

Optimising your web presence for business goals

We listen to the needs of your organisation by running cross-team workshops, analysing competition and performing design games to provide a user-centred strategy leading to significant return on investment.

Shaping the structure of your website

Information architecture is our key to designing an efficient and useful structure for your user interface. We delve into our toolbox of innovative techniques to make your website easy to navigate and information quick to find.

Designing simple solutions to complex problems

The core to UX design is optimisation of the user interaction. We formulate and iterate designs from sketches to mock-ups and fully interactive prototypes, working towards simple and delightful experiences.

Creating a beautiful, engaging and memorable experience

We design stunning and effective websites which work across the many media of the web. We create flexible designs with borderline obsessive attention to detail in grids, typography, colour and interactivity.

Evaluating, testing and re-testing with real people

We perform usability tests throughout the design process. Our approach to guerilla usability testing is a low cost, high impact way of observing problems and uncovering desires early on preventing wasted subsequent effort.

Building a fast and future-proofed website

We believe in the philosophy of web standards, accessibility, progressive enrichment and microformats. This results in bullet proof websites that work for everyone and are easy to implement and maintain.

Analysing, iterating and improving

The launch or redesign of a website is the beginning of the story, not the end. We provide ongoing support, analysis and strategy towards improving and adding to existing functionality based on real world use.

Stuff we’ve made

We aren’t really ones for boasting, but we have worked with some Big Names. We’ve also worked with some Small Names with Big Ideas.

What we like more than Names though is Ideas, and everyone has those.

Our references s

See more in our - website references and internet marketing section.
Internetové stránky AL-KO Microsite pro podporu výrobků DOVE WWW stránky fotografa Petra Jahody
Internet website
AL-KO Czech Republic
microsite for DOVE cosmetics
Unilever Czech Republic
Internet presentation of famous
czech photographer Petra Jahoda

Internet marketing and advertisement

Internetová reklamní kampaň produktů SIGNAL Reklamní banery pro CITROEN ČR
Promo compaign - SIGNAL
Unilever Czech Republic
Video Banner for
AL-KO Czech Republic


Our Partners:


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... a mnoho dalších.

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tvorba internetových stránek, webdesign
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